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Experience The Benefits of Security Guard Management System To Transform Your Security Patrol Business

Guardso security guard management system is the perfect solution for every security guard company. From enhancing client satisfaction to guards performance, it has been intuitively designed to transform your security patrol business with astounding precision.

Guardso security guard management system is packed with powerful modules that have been recently revamped and improved manifolds, just to enhance yours as well as your clients’ experience.

So, let’s take a quick look at those powerful modules capable of changing the way you run your security business.

  • PPO Dashboard

Stay updated with the security operations being executed on-site with live GPS tracking, site tours conducted by the guards and much more.

  • Guardso Mobile App

Guardso mobile patrol app is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly connect guards on site with their supervisor at a remote location in real-time.

  • Guard Tour Reporting

Guardso now allows the security managers to focus on criteria specific to guards or the client sites with custom reporting in different types of reports.

  • Security Guard GPS Tracking

Whether you’re concerned about the whereabouts of your guards or about their safety on-site, GPS tracking provides a clear view on the app.

  • Guards Tour Client Portal

Share the progress of your team with your clients, providing them secure access to the portal they can access from anywhere around the world.

  • Security Guard Dispatch Centre

Allow your dispatchers to efficiently manage multiple dispatch calls with information stored within the system in an organized manner to reduce response time.

  • Security Guard Scheduling

Involve your guards in the automated scheduling process to enhance guard engagement and to address accountability & improve their productivity.

  • Security Guard Visitor Log

It’s the new, affordable, & the smarter way to effortlessly keep a virtual track of visitors by guards, using only their mobile patrol app.

Is your security guard management system packed with modules having such amazing & practical benefits?

About Shalini S.

Shalini S.
Shalini is physical security enthusiast turned content specialist for Guardso with a unique mix of technical vision, marketing, and business acumen. Working in the security industry, she has gained tremendous insight across multiple disciplines that she enjoys sharing with everyone. If you are interested in inviting Shalini to do a guest post on your website, please feel free to reach her anytime.

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  1. Guardso is truly the perfect solution for every security guard company. We are glad to have found it in our initial days, and it amazing to see how far we have come & so have they.

  2. The security visitor log is the new addition to the Guardso guard management system if I’m not wrong? Would love to see how it works.

    • Shalini S.

      Hi, Maria. You are absolutely right security visitor log was recently added to the Guardso guard management system software. It’s one of the most amazing features we offer now. To take a look at how it works, please request for a live demo here: and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through Guardso.

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