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Security Guards

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of Security Guards? – Infographic

The primary role of security guards is safeguarding the client’s property. The security guards adopt a preventive approach rather than a reactive one meaning that they act as a deterrence to crime and disruptions on the assigned location by watching out for looming danger and suspicious activities or persons. The security guards or security officers may be employed in a variety of settings, such as private premises, public building, museums, or banks. The duties may vary depending on the site [...]

security guard management

5 Ways Bad Security Guard Management Software Can Ruin Your Business

An effective security guard management system is now becoming a must-have for any serious security guard company and consequently, any business that employs the services of such. Conversely, poor security guard management software could actually spell doom for your business, whether a company that supplies security solutions or the end consumer of the same. Here are five ways that bad security guard management software can ruin your business, as advised by market leaders Guardso Systems. Poor accountability Good security management software provides [...]

Private Patrol Company

How to Minimize Cost Using While Maximizing Business Output As A Private Patrol Company

As much as your private patrol company is providing quality services to its clients, it also needs to stay on its feet financially. You can ensure you are always working within the most affordable budget and at the same time satisfying your clients’ best interests through Guardso. Below is a list of ways that Guardso minimizes on expenses and will boost your company’s profits in a short while. QR Codes and GPS Location Finding All clients and guards are assigned a [...]