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Security Guard Belt

5 Must Have Items On A Security Guard Belt

Strategically, a security guard belt is one of the most important pieces of the equipment that every security guard must carry. Reason being, it’s what allows to help carry more important equipment.

So, the real question is if you know what those essential pieces of equipment are you must carry on that belt all the time? If not, without losing a minute more let’s get started. Shall we?

  • Handcuffs

Security guards do not have similar rights or power as police officers to make an arrest. You might already be aware of that, aren’t you? But, that doesn’t mean security guards cannot make a felony arrest that has actually been committed.

While doing so, one thing a guard needs the most is a pair of lightweight handcuffs. A vast majority of guards carry two to three sets of them on the security guard belt to apprehend multiple perpetrators if they are alone.

  • Smartphone

In the age of technology where every person has his or her smartphone always handy can turn into a boon for security guards with a mobile patrol app installed on it.

Guardso guard patrol system offers state-of-the-art mobile patrol app technology that allows them to easily capture incidents using watch mode feature, share real-time reports, and so much more. The best part is, Guardso guard patrol system can readily be installed on both Android & iOS smartphones.

  • Gloves

Why would a guard need gloves on their security guard belt? Isn’t that what you’re wondering? Well, they can serve multiple purposes depending on different situations.

For instance, they can be used to provide protection when apprehending a suspect with sharp objects. Having a pair of latex gloves handy can be used in a situation requiring first aid and also while collecting evidence if ever required.

  • Baton

A baton is every security guards ultimate companion, isn’t it? It’s the perfect non-lethal weapon that offers more than self-defense at times. And also, it is one of the oldest equipment that not only guards but also police officers are still widely using to de-escalate situations.

Hence, making it one of the most essential pieces of equipment a guard can have on his security guard belt.

Mobile Patrol App

  • Security License

For security guards on duty having an up-to-date security license with them all the time is mandatory. Therefore, having it on their security guard belt should always be their priority.

Reason being if an incident ever occurs and a report needs to be filed, or the police need to be involved, a license may be requested to confirm the position. Not having it on duty in many jurisdictions is a citable infraction.

What more do you believe is essential for you to have on your security guard belt? Comment below to let us know.

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